Electricity Services

It is important to get expert assistance when you are purchasing electricity for your company. Retail Electric Suppliers in Illinois offer different products, different pricing methods and different contract provisions. As a result, comparing supplier offerings requires in-depth knowledge of the power industry in Illinois.

For example, compare the 2 summarized pricing proposals below. Would your company know which supplier is offering the lowest pricing?

Supplier A: $.055 / kWh on-peak (NERC)
$.036 / kWh off-peak
(energy–only pricing)
Supplier B: $.064 / kWh non-TOU(all-inclusive pricing)

Energy Purchasing Services, Inc. has performed Request for Proposal (RFP) services for hundreds of companies in Illinois. EPS will provide your company with three separate RFP summaries that focus on supplier products, pricing and contractual provisions. In addition, EPS has already negotiated away the onerous contractual provisions that exist in many supplier agreements. Finally, after your move to a new contract, EPS will review the invoices to ensure a smooth transition.

Energy Purchasing Services charges a flat fee for these services. As always, EPS works only for its clients and does not receive any compensation from energy suppliers.

END-USER TIP: Did you know that many suppliers reserve the right to change the “fixed” pricing in their customer contracts? How can your company protect itself?

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